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Armed and Unarmed Security Guards in Phoenix AZ

At Urban Tactical Security, Inc., we serve the Phoenix and Tucson areas with professional armed and unarmed security services. Our carefully enlisted unarmed and armed security officers are highly reliable, professional, responsive, and trained to provide the requested level of protection based on the unique requests and needs of our clients. As a trusted provider among unarmed and armed guard companies, we are here to help you achieve the security solution you need.

Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Services

We offer unarmed and armed security guard services for construction sites, including mobile and neighborhood patrols, along with vehicle inspections, site lockup/unlock, access control traffic control, gate monitory, 24-hour emergency alarm response, and more in Phoenix, AZ.

The private armed security guard presence we offer not only serves as a deterrent to crime, but also as a help with other operations such as patrol, emergencies, fire watch, First Aid/CPR, and others requested by the client.

All of our armed security guard recruits are required to pass an extensive background check and present a professional and neat appearance. The unarmed and armed security guard jobs we handle include ensuring the security of buildings in addition to neighborhood patrolling to dissuade and prevent criminal activity.

As a trusted provider among armed and unarmed security guard companies, we provide exterior and interior patrols of work sites and other personal residential properties. We help business (small to medium size), retail centers and strip malls, and communities access security services that are usually only accessible to larger corporations.

Whether you need an armed bodyguard or a company that takes care of the armed security guard training needed to keep your facility safe, we have you covered.

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