Mobile Patrol

Far too often small businesses sacrifice security because of budget issues. Your cost effective solution for communities, facilities, and businesses.


Features include…

  • Expertly trained, DPS licensed uniformed security officers
  • Highly visible, clearly marked vehicles
  • Instant reporting of activity, violations and response actions through OMADI reporting systems
  • Officers equipped navigation system, 2-way radio, cellular phone and emergency response procedures
  • GPS tracking and Dash Cam in every vehicle for accountability of every minute we are on your property/community
  • 24 hour dispatching command center
  • Random patrol patterns for maximum security

Courtesy Mobile Patrol

  • Patrol inspections refer to random interior and exterior patrols of your property or work site. This service enables communities, retail strip malls or centers, small and medium size businesses to access security offerings which are typically only available to larger corporations.
  • Today, security is a top concern for virtually every business or community manager, owner and executive. Security is no longer optional, it’s a must-have. In addition to the number one goal of helping to protect residents, employees, customers and assets, adequate security Courtesy patrol, over the years, has been sold as a cost-cutting solution over full time/part-time onsite security guards. While still having the presence and deterrent of guards on your property/community. Urban Tactical Security Mobile patrols will lock/unlock your pool gates and exercise rooms, patrol parking areas for suspicious activity or abandoned vehicles, dispatch out to your location for noise complaints, they will even spend up to 25-30 minutes onsite patrolling for squatters, vagrants and other crimes

Benefits include…

  • Protection & visible deterrent from trespassing, squatting, theft and vandalism
  • Enforcement of community CC&R rules and recording of Parking Violation & tagging vehicles
  • Promotion of safe community and workplace
  • Customized security program
  • Quick professional response in cases of dispatch calls or emergency
  • Instant communication with UTS exclusive OMADI reporting and communication system resources to record and track all activity of patrol tours and also customize patrols vie task work orders that are tracked for completion.
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