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Retail and Special Event Security

We understand that the need for retail, industrial, and business security guards is increasing throughout the nation. In many cases, the only option is to contact private commercial security contractors with the proper experience, technology/equipment and expertise to protect the business accurately.

From complete access control development to loss prevention training and integration, Urban Tactical Security can provide the services and security your business needs. While we serve any commercial or retail property in need, our security officers also specialize in niche protection, including security for building front lobbies, construction site security, distribution or warehouse security, parking lot/garage and traffic control, front gate security, special event or trade shows and more.

Commercial and Retail Property owners and managers have the responsibility to keep their tenants, customers, visitors, and employees safe and protect from theft and loss prevention. A security breach, theft, vandalism or incident can not only be hazardous and costly to tenants and customers, but the reputation of the building management comes under intense scrutiny: Did we have industry-standard policies and procedures in place to detect and deter security incidents? Did we act in the best interest of our tenants, customers and employees? Did we take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to on-premises security and loss prevention? Urban Tactical can guide you through the at times confusing process of deciding which security measures to adopt for your location, from security guards or specialists, to cameras, barriers, locks, alarms, etc. We make it simple for you so you can dedicate your efforts to running the day-to-day operations of your property. Here are services we provide:

  • Authorized and controlled access to commercial, retail or special event site
  • Perform commercial and store surveillance as directed by management, such as maintaining focus on areas of visible shrink or trespassing on property.
  • Detect and apprehend shoplifters if dictated by company policy.
  • Conduct safety checks and report any hazardous or unsafe activity to management on duty immediately.
  • Patrol parking lots for suspicious activity and enforce traffic controls
  • Finding, apprehending or removing any unauthorized persons from the property such as panhandlers and homeless
  • Inspect containers, bags, deliveries, trunks from offsite workers as directed by the site supervisor and property needs
  • Secure area and notify proper authorities emergency circumstances warrant
  • Monitor site cameras such as CCTV and respond to any suspicious activity, emergency or alarm

Why Parking Enforcement Matters

Today, more and more residential communities and businesses are seeking parking enforcement solutions that are not just convenient but also effective. Why is that? A necessity, parking enforcement provides driving safety on streets and keeps the demand for parking spaces in control. Therefore, allowing motorists to find available parking more readily and fewer road hazards on narrow residential streets.

Urban Tactical utilizes the latest in technology and processes that provides solutions that are customized to the needs and compliance regulations of our clients. Whether your need is to restrict unauthorized parking on streets or to monitor, track or record who is using parking spaces and how, Urban Tactical has a solution for you. With tagging of vehicles electronically or with stickers, creation-tracking and usage of permits or escalation of action to include booting vehicles and license plate lookup search; Urban Tactical has the tools, training, and processes to execute and manage your parking enforcement needs.

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