It is important to perform due diligence when searching for a security guard company to hire. You need to hire a company you can trust to provide exceptional quality security services and technology. This involves checking the company’s reputation and capabilities to determine if they match your needs. At Urban Tactical Security, Inc., we serve the Tucson and Phoenix areas with both unarmed and professionally armed security services.

Look for the following when evaluating a security guard company to handle your security needs.

Licensure and Insurance

Find out if the security guard company is properly licensed in your state. Unlicensed companies may not have the personnel with the training to meet your security needs. Also, make sure the company carries sufficient insurance to protect you and your business in the event of personal injury on your property or damage to your property.

Training and Experience

Inquire about the training of the guards and the certifications they carry to ensure they are the right fit for your business in terms of skills and experience. For instance, you may need security guards with certifications that provide the power to arrest, and use pepper spray, batons, firearms, First Aid, and CPR. Some security guards have gained experience from past jobs, including previous security jobs, law enforcement, and the military. Ask how the company trains their security guards, the level of experience they require their guards to have, and their current level of experience.


Ask about the company’s security policies. Find out how communication is handled, what role the supervisors fulfill, the technology the company uses, and the kind of instruction/training (if any) they provide for using the technology.


How does the company respond to you before you hire their services? Is the interaction and communication with the company easy or difficult? You need a security guard company that will respond to your needs promptly.


Seek references of other customers to learn their experience with the company. How did the company’s security guards perform and would those customers recommend hiring the company?

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